Psious is an all-in-one virtual reality solution for therapists that treats VR treatments easily and safely.

The VR kit is 100% integrated with the Psious VR platform, that includes a state-of-the-art virtual reality headset and an advanced biofeedback sensor.


Ms. C is a 35 year old business manager who found her career stalled. As she moved up in the company it was necessary for her to address her co-workers and executives. These presentations became more frequent and more important to her career and the company. She always had difficulty with public speaking , but it became paralyzing. We used systematic desensitization  with real and virtual practice. After a course of several weeks of practice, she was able to address a large audience without fear. She continues to have success since completing the therapy. 

Bob is a high school senior who was applying to college. He was working with an ACT/SAT tutor to improve his abilities on these tests. He came to me because although he did well on the practice exams, when it came to the real thing, he had trouble. In fact, during one test he got so anxious he had to leave the testing center without finishing. Another time he became overwhelmed with anxiety on the way to the test. We worked together for a few weeks using stress reducing exercises and practicing them in the office in virtual environments. Once he mastered control over his arousal, he was able to perform without noticeable anxiety during finals in school and then on the entrance exams. He called recently to say he was accepted to his first choice school.