As we enter the new year and decade, we are excited to announce the addition and refinement, of techniques available to help with your brain based issues. Brain Strength Traing has added two new technology based therapies. In the area of Neurofeedback, we have added NeuroField pEMF training. This is an advanced biofeedback for the body and brain which uses magnetic fields to train and improve function.
The second is Virtual Reality Therapy. Partnering with Psious, an international innovator in VR for psychotherapy, we improved our treatment for phobias and stress. Most dramatic are the advances in eliminating fear of public speaking , a leading career limiter and also fear of test taking. This has been most useful in helping students with college entrance exams such as ACTs and SATs.
As we move into this exciting time, I will keep you informed of our progress.
Happy New Year
Dr. S.